Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell: Book Review

Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster as Lisa Jewell weaves a gripping tale in her novel “Then She Was Gone”. This book will keep you turning pages late into the night, eager to uncover the chilling secrets hidden within its pages.

Sneak Peak

“Then She Was Gone” follows the story of Ellie Mack, a fifteen-year-old girl who mysteriously disappears, leaving her family shattered. Ten years later, her mother Lauren is still haunted by Ellie’s disappearance. When she meets a charming man who bears a striking resemblance to her missing daughter, she begins to unravel the truth behind Ellie’s vanishing act.

My Take

Jewell’s writing style keeps the reader engaged from start to finish. The characters are well-developed, each with their own complexities and flaws that make them relatable. The author skillfully shifts between different timelines, building suspense and gradually revealing shocking twists that will leave you speechless.

What I liked most about the book was how Jewell delves deep into the psyche of each character, exploring their motivations and inner demons. The emotional depth in the story adds layers of complexity, making it more than just a typical mystery thriller. However, some elements of the plot felt slightly predictable, and certain twists may be anticipated by avid mystery readers.

What Makes the Book Unique

One of the standout features of “Then She Was Gone” is its exploration of grief, loss, and the lengths a parent would go to in order to uncover the truth. The novel delves into the dark side of human nature, highlighting how well-intentioned actions can have unforeseen consequences.

Another unique aspect is the way Jewell seamlessly blends multiple perspectives, allowing the reader to see events through the eyes of different characters. This adds depth to the narrative and creates a more immersive reading experience.


In conclusion, “Then She Was Gone” is a captivating thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Lisa Jewell’s masterful storytelling and intricate character development make this book a must-read for fans of mystery and suspense. While some plot points may be predictable, the overall emotional depth and shocking revelations make it a compelling read. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a gripping psychological thriller.

Rating: 4.3 stars

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