The Witcher Boxed Set by Andrzej Sapkowski: Book Review

Step into a world of monsters, magic, and destiny with “The Witcher Boxed Set” by Andrzej Sapkowski. This collection of riveting tales is sure to captivate fans of fantasy and adventure.

Sneak Peak

“The Witcher Boxed Set” is a collection of the first three books in the Witcher series: “Blood of Elves,” “Time of Contempt,” and “Baptism of Fire.” The series follows Geralt of Rivia, a skilled monster hunter known as a Witcher, as he navigates a world filled with political intrigue, magical creatures, and moral ambiguity.

My Take

I found “The Witcher Boxed Set” to be a captivating read that seamlessly weaves together elements of fantasy, action, and drama. Sapkowski’s world-building is intricate and immersive, drawing readers into a complex universe where characters grapple with their inner demons and external threats alike. The character of Geralt is particularly compelling, with his blend of strength, vulnerability, and unwavering moral code.

One aspect I appreciated about the series is the grey morality present throughout the narratives. Characters often find themselves in situations where there are no clear-cut good or bad choices, adding layers of complexity to the storytelling. Additionally, Sapkowski’s writing style is engaging, with vivid descriptions that bring the world of The Witcher to life.

However, some readers may find the pacing of the books slower at times, especially in the midst of detailed political machinations and world-building. Additionally, the non-linear storytelling can be confusing for some, as the narrative jumps between different characters and timelines.

What Makes the Book Unique

One standout feature of “The Witcher Boxed Set” is its exploration of themes such as prejudice, destiny, and the nature of humanity. Sapkowski delves into these topics with nuance, offering readers thought-provoking insights into the complexities of the human condition.

The series also stands out for its diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations, flaws, and strengths. Whether it’s the cunning sorceress Yennefer, the brave bard Dandelion, or the enigmatic Ciri, each character brings a layer of depth and richness to the story.

Furthermore, Sapkowski’s blending of Slavic folklore, dark fantasy elements, and gritty realism sets “The Witcher Boxed Set” apart from other traditional fantasy novels, giving it a unique and fresh feel.


In conclusion, “The Witcher Boxed Set” by Andrzej Sapkowski is a compelling collection that offers a rich tapestry of storytelling, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes. While the pacing may be slow for some and the narrative structure can be challenging, the series rewards readers with a deep and immersive reading experience. Fans of fantasy, adventure, and moral dilemmas will find much to enjoy in the world of The Witcher.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

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