The Bromance Book Club by Lyssa Kay Adams: Book Review

Have you ever thought about guys reading romance novels to improve their relationships? Well, “The Bromance Book Club” by Lyssa Kay Adams delves into this intriguing concept. Let’s dive into the world of this fun and heartwarming book!

Sneak Peak

“The Bromance Book Club” follows the story of Gavin, a professional baseball player, and his wife, Thea, whose marriage is on the rocks. Gavin joins a secret book club with his buddies, where they read romance novels to learn about love and relationships. As Gavin immerses himself in romance novels, he tries to win back Thea’s heart by applying the advice from the books. Will their marriage stand the test of time, or is it too late to mend their broken relationship?

My Take

I found “The Bromance Book Club” to be a delightful and refreshing read. The concept of a group of men reading romance novels to understand the women in their lives is not only entertaining but also heartwarming. The book cleverly weaves humor, romance, and some serious moments together, creating a perfect blend of emotions.

One aspect I particularly enjoyed was how the author incorporated excerpts from the fictional romance novel that the characters in the book club were reading. These snippets added depth to the story and provided a unique perspective on the characters’ relationships.

On the flip side, while the premise of the book is unique and engaging, some parts of the plot felt predictable. However, the charming characters and the overall message of the story more than made up for any minor shortcomings.

What Makes the Book Unique

What sets “The Bromance Book Club” apart is its innovative take on relationships and communication. The idea of men turning to romance novels for guidance is not only original but also sheds light on the importance of empathy and understanding in any relationship. The book challenges stereotypes and offers a fresh perspective on love and marriage.

The inclusion of the book club meetings and the discussions around the romance novel added a layer of depth to the story, making it more than just a typical romance novel. It highlights the significance of open communication and effort in maintaining a healthy relationship.


In conclusion, “The Bromance Book Club” is a charming and witty novel that explores love, friendship, and the complexities of relationships. While some parts may be predictable, the overall message and the endearing characters make it a worthwhile read. If you’re looking for a feel-good romance with a unique twist, this book is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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