One Day in December by Josie Silver: Book Review

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“One Day in December” by Josie Silver is a heartwarming contemporary romance novel that follows the lives of Laurie and Jack. The story begins in London when Laurie locks eyes with a man at a bus stop one snowy December day, instantly feeling a deep connection. But before they can meet, the bus pulls away. Over the next year, Laurie searches for the mysterious man, only to find him in the most unexpected way. The novel spans over a decade, exploring love, friendship, and the complexities of relationships.

My Take

Josie Silver weaves a delightful tale of serendipity, love, and friendship in “One Day in December.” The characters are relatable, the emotions are raw, and the storyline is engaging. I appreciated the depth of the relationships portrayed in the book, especially the friendship between Laurie and Sarah, which felt authentic and enduring. The romantic tension between Laurie and Jack kept me invested in their story, eagerly turning the pages to see how their relationship would unfold.

One aspect that stood out to me was Silver’s ability to capture the complexities of love and timing. The novel explores how life doesn’t always go according to plan and how we must navigate unexpected turns and heartaches along the way. While some parts of the plot may seem predictable for avid romance readers, the overall warmth and charm of the book make it a satisfying read.

However, I found some of the conflicts in the story to be a bit cliché, and certain character decisions felt slightly contrived. Despite this, the overall emotional impact and Silver’s skillful storytelling kept me engaged until the very end.

What Makes the Book Unique

What sets “One Day in December” apart is its exploration of love at different stages of life. The novel spans over ten years, allowing readers to witness the evolution of Laurie and Jack’s relationship through various ups and downs. Silver’s approach to storytelling, using a decade-long timeline, gives the characters depth and allows for significant growth and development, making their journey feel genuine and heartfelt.

Furthermore, the emphasis on the importance of friendship alongside romantic love adds layers to the narrative, making it more than just a typical romance novel. The book beautifully captures the intricacies of human connection, illustrating how relationships can shape and define our lives in unexpected ways.


“One Day in December” by Josie Silver is a captivating and emotionally resonant novel that beautifully portrays the complexities of love, friendship, and timing. While some aspects of the plot may follow familiar tropes, the genuine emotions and relatable characters make it a worthwhile read for fans of contemporary romance. If you enjoy heartfelt stories about serendipitous encounters and enduring relationships, this book is sure to warm your heart.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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