In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren: Book Review

Step into a world of holiday magic and unexpected revelations in Christina Lauren’s delightful novel, “In a Holidaze.” Get ready for a heartwarming journey filled with love, laughter, and the joy of the season.

Sneak Peak

“In a Holidaze” follows the story of Maelyn Jones, who finds herself stuck in a time loop, reliving the Christmas holiday at a cozy Utah cabin. Faced with the chance to correct her mistakes and find true love, Mae embarks on a journey of self-discovery and romance amidst the snow-covered scenery. As she navigates through the loops, Mae uncovers secrets, surprises, and the true meaning of family and love.

My Take

I thoroughly enjoyed “In a Holidaze” for its charming characters and feel-good storyline. The authors expertly blend festive magic with heartfelt moments, creating a cozy and engaging read. The time loop concept adds an intriguing twist to the holiday romance genre, keeping readers hooked as Mae tries to break free from the cycle. The dynamics between the characters are authentic and endearing, making it easy to root for their joy and happiness.

One of the highlights of the book is the warm holiday atmosphere that permeates every page, evoking a sense of winter wonderland and hope. The witty dialogue and playful banter between the characters add a layer of humor and relatability, making the story both heartwarming and entertaining.

However, some parts of the plot felt slightly predictable, following familiar romance tropes. While the predictability did not diminish the overall enjoyment of the book, a few unexpected twists could have added more depth to the story.

What Makes the Book Unique

The time loop element sets “In a Holidaze” apart from traditional holiday romances, infusing the narrative with a touch of whimsy and intrigue. The authors’ ability to blend humor, romance, and Christmas magic in a seamless and engaging manner is a standout feature of the book. Additionally, the strong emphasis on family dynamics and personal growth adds emotional depth to the characters, making their journey more relatable and meaningful.


“In a Holidaze” is a heartwarming and festive read that captures the spirit of the holiday season with warmth and charm. While it may follow some familiar tropes, the unique time loop concept and endearing characters make it a delightful pick for anyone looking for a feel-good romance set against a backdrop of Christmas magic. I recommend this book to those who enjoy cozy holiday romances with a hint of whimsy and a lot of heart.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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